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Lily in the June issue of Vogue China? OMG probably this will be my favorite cover of the month, I just can't wait to see the editorial...
scaned by kaza @tfs

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Look Flawless

Lookig for flawless skin?
Ask Super Top Model Daria Werbowy

What is the first step in your morning beauty routine?
I splash water on my face and then immediately moisturize.

What is your nightly beauty ritual?
I always clean my face thoroughly and apply lots of moisturizer.

Can you tell us of any personal beauty tricks?
I'll admit it, I spend a little bit of time in the sun. But I always wear a sunblock.

How do you take care of your skin?
"I use eye cream in the morning and evening and a lot of moisturizer. Mascara and Juicy Tubes-lip gloss is enough for makeup. Here’s my grandmother’s tip: Squeeze lemon juice into a cotton pad and swipe your face with it. Wash off with warm water. It cleans the skin completely. I always use my grandmother’s recipe after fashion weeks. I make a peeling of lemon juice and sugar."

Can't get my eyes off you


There's nothing more addictive than watching backstage videos and photos.
What I love the most EVERY season is for sure, make up!! Models seem to be treated as queens for their runway shows that only lasts a couple of insignificant minutes.

Make up in your back?? Every single detail counts!

Relax, take it easy

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Calling all angels

I was just wondering if there's any super totally nice person who have a tfs account and wants to send me an invitation(:
Believe me, having an account in tfs is like those kind of things that you want SO much but you can't afford? I mean, I have made tons of requests and they ALWAYS send me to the waiting list...
And thanks in advance!!

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Met Gala: Model as Muse

When I saw photos of the event, I was like Oh My God!
There were people, who in my opinion, were just a shame. My favorites?
Obviously Jessica Stam in a gorgeous Rodarte dress and Daria Werbowy in Balmain.
About Coco Rocha, mmm she was like ok... She looked so pale and in my opinion, that dress is not working on her. She looks fat and her hairdo gets the impression that she has a little tiny neck.

click here and here for more photos of the glamorous event
oh, and also here and here


Lily is one of my FAVORITE models and Jess, idk, she's oh just so perfect(L)